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Surely you often hear the term jump shop in Free Fire. Often heard, you have to understand the advantages of Free Fire (FF) jump shot later. This seems to be very helpful when dueling in short distances.

So you have to master this technique or mechanic. In small ranks, it may rarely appear or not so perfect. Until you are in a high rank, almost all players take advantage of this one mechanic.

You can also learn this when, for example, watching teams and pro players play. They often use jump shots for various situations and this can be very helpful to finish off the opponent.

If you are curious about what are the advantages of doing jump shots in Free fire, you can try to understand this later. Do not let you later get a jump shot by your opponent later in FF.

Advantages of Jump Shot Free Fire (FF)

Some people really think that jump shots are just for style or just being cool. Actually not because there are several things that benefit when you try to do this one trick.

Now for those who are curious, just read below for the advantages;

Unexpected Movement

Yes, jump shot movements are often unexpected. This can benefit you because if you surprise your opponent with a jump shot, usually the enemy will not focus. But you have to take advantage of this short time.

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Very Strong In Certain Weapons

But unfortunately doing jump shots can’t be arbitrary. There are only a few weapons that can be very powerful with a jump shot and that is the shotgun category. This is because at close range, accuracy is not a problem for the jump shot shotgun as the advantage of the Free Fire jump shot.

Make Aim Assist Opponents Messy

Now aim assists are also very helpful in Free Fire, but if you jump shot, your opponent will have a hard time. Usually the system will be difficult to lock you so that enemy shots can be messy if you do jump shots.

Hit Box Advantages

In doing a jump shot, your character will jump. Well, when your character goes up, the hit box will also go up so the enemy will find it difficult to shoot you. Hit box you must use and know.

At Close Distance, There’s High Ground Advantage

Now when you jump you also get an advantage in a few seconds, namely high ground. Because of your higher position, you can shoot the enemy’s head more easily. On the other hand, it’s easier for the enemy to just shoot at the feet.

So, those are some of the advantages of Free Fire jump shots that might help you. Practice and use the jump shot technique so that later you can play better. Especially at the highest level when playing Free Fire.

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