4 Best Gold Lane Heroes in Mobile Legends

4 Best Gold Lane Heroes in Mobile Legends, Anyone?

Hello Vicigers friends, Mimin wants to tell you, what are the recommendations for 4 gold line heroes who are currently META in season 20 of Mobile Legend? Instead of being curious, let’s review together through the following article!

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In addition to the jungler hero, the role of the gold line hero can be used to dominate the mid to late game.

Not infrequently, the gold line hero can also do significant damage to the team in addition to the jungler hero.

More specifically, this gold line hero line does not require a lot of buffs so it can be effective when played. Who are these heroes?

Hero Fighter, Bane

source : google.com

Bane is the most appropriate Fighter hero to fill the gold lane because he just got an update patch that changes skills from physical damage to magical damage.

Moreover, Bane’s Cooldown Reduction is extraordinary. Most recently, Bane was widely used by pro players in the MPL Season 7 tournament.

So it’s not wrong, if you choose Bane as the most profitable gold lane hero in the current 20 season of Mobile Legends.

Hero gold line in Mobile Legend Assassin, Benedetta

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Abilities such as burst damage, crowd control effects, speed and agility are the features of the Assassins Benedetta hero.

Benedetta is considered suitable to be a gold line because mainly this hero is very agile and fast. He can also be relied on for buying time or riots during war.

Hero gold line in Mobile Legends, Alice

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source : google.com

Alice is a magic hero who is on the rise and is being picked up a lot. It is proven in MPL Season 7, often the pro players make Alice the first choice.

This hero is usually used for gameplay towards the late game. Because this hero can break through to the opposing team’s hypercarry. Also, most importantly, the hero is very strong!

If caught by the opponent’s hero, Alice can escape easily using skill one. So never doubt Alice’s ability in the gold line.

Lapu-lapu heroes

source : google.com

Abilities such as burst damage, crowd control, agility and having Lapu-lapu’s strongest skills, can be a guarantee to use his services in the gold lane.

In the MPL Season 7 tournament, there was also a moment where the Lapu-lapu used by Antimage from EVOS was able to withstand the onslaught of the Aura roster on week 1 day 3.

However, if you want to use Lapu-lapu to its full potential, make sure you’re at level 4 in order to take advantage of its true power.

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