4 Best and Favorite AUG Free Fire (FF) Skins

For you users of AUG weapons, here are the 4 best AUG Free Fire (FF) skins that you can have. Not only does it look attractive but also has a good stat effect.

Free Fire (FF) is a popular battle royale game today. This battle royale game presents a different game.

Every character in FF has skills that can help players survive in the game. In addition, the weapon skins available here also have an effect on stats.

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4 Best AUG Free Fire (FF) Skins

AUG is a favorite type of Assault Rifle (AR) in FF. To make this AR even better in terms of performance and appearance, you can pair the following 4 AUG Free Fire (FF) skins.

1. Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter AUG

5 AUG Free Fire skins

The first AUG FF skin is the Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter AUG skin. This purple display does look quirky. But it’s all in accordance with the theme that was brought, namely cyber.

By using this skin, AUG will get additional stats in the form of a fire rate of two points. That way this AR will be faster in shooting.

In addition, the accuracy stats also increase by one point so that it can make aiming more painful. But unfortunately the AUG range is reduced with this skin.

2. Booyah! AUG

5 AUG Free Fire skins

Next is the Booyah skin! AUG. This skin actually makes AUG look scary with its yellow and black colors. Moreover, there is graffiti that says Booyah on the body of the AUG.

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Booyah Skins! This AUG will increase the AUG accuracy by two points. Then the damage increases. With the addition of these two stats, AUG’s performance will be more dangerous.

But unfortunately this AUG skin makes the reload speed decrease. Therefore, make sure your shots are not wasted when using this AUG skin.

3. Naughty Clown AUG

Next up is the Naughty Clown AUG skin. As the name suggests here the AUG gets a clown look. The color combination of this AUG skin is red, black, and also a little yellow.

4. Winterlands 2021 AUG

The next AUG skin that is no less interesting is the Winterfest AUG skin. This is a skin from the winter 2021 event which also provides a skin for the M1887 weapon.

As the name implies, this AUG skin presents AUG with a winter-style blue color. The combination of light blue and white makes it look elegant.

For its own stats, this Winterlands AUG skin will add a fire rate and AUG magazine by one point. But unfortunately the AUG reload speed is reduced.

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Those are 4 AUG Free Fire (FF) skins that you can try. For those of you who make AUG your favorite weapon, collect these skins to improve the AR performance.

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