3 Ways to See Total Website Visitors

3 Ways to See Total Website Visitors

It is very important for website owners to see how many total visitors they get. That way the content created every day is not in vain. Especially if the user is a blogger who expects more than just writing, surely knowing the number of visitors is the main thing.

Intent of “more than just writing” is to make his site make extra money by placing ads on his articles. Of course, to maximize revenue, users must have a lot of visitors. But the question is, how do you see the total visitors to the website?

There are 3 ways that will be applied in this article regarding how to see website traffic, the former can be used on all types of websites. And the second and third are only devoted to the Blogger and WordPress platforms.

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1. Using Google Analytics

Who does not know about this one Google product. Its usefulness is to display the number of visitors and has many complete functionalities. Users can try the product for free, provided they only have a Google account.

The procedure for making it probably doesn’t need to be explained anymore because it’s very easy to understand. To be sure, after adding a website to Google Analytics, one thing that needs to be done is to install the code provided in the header section of the website.

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After implementing the code, from that point on, users can do full monitoring of the actions of website visitors including seeing what devices are currently active, referrals to pages, and much more.

Viewing Total Website Visitors with Google Analytics

If users are interested, please visit and register now at Google Analytics.

2. View Total Visitors on Blogger

If a user creates a site with the Blogger or Blogspot platform, it is very easy to find out the total number of visitors. However, the features provided are very limited or with the intention of not being complete.

Like can’t see anyone user who is currently online, or see in detail from the Audit side. However, users can still implement Google Analytics on Blogger so that they can get more information about their visitors.

View Total Visitors on Blogger

From the description above, the user must have understood that to find out the total visitors on Blogger is to press menu stats and later, several sub-menus will appear to check things such as the type of browser you frequent, the total visitors today, yesterday, and this week.

3. Knowing Visitor Statistics on WordPress

Currently, WordPress-based websites are divided into two. That is WordPress.com and WordPress.org. If users want more features, it is recommended to use WordPress.org or so-called Self-Hosted WordPress.

View Total Visitors from Jetpack plugin
Sources: https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/

In WordPress, to display website visitor statistics, free plugins can help Jetpack. The plugin is free to use and the good thing is that it has a lot of features that don’t just focus on website monitoring.

Meanwhile, users who want to get the most out of website statistics are strongly advised to use a plugin called WP SlimStat. Different from Jetpack, this plugin focuses only on monitoring the number of visitors each time.

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View Total Visitors from WP SlimStat plugin
Sources: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-slimstat/

Although users can still use the help of Google Analytics, the features in WP SlimStat are sufficient and resemble Google Analytics itself. However, it is not recommended to use this plugin on sites that use shared hosting because the server will be easily burdened.

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Overall of the three things above, the most effective is to use Google Analytics. It is not only easy to use, but also does not burden the website server because the data sent does not go to the website server, but the Google Analytics server.

However, apart from only Google Analytics, there are actually many websites that monitor websites, such as: hisstats. It’s just that the free features are not as expected, aka limited. That’s why Google Analytics is always the best in terms of website monitoring.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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