3 Ways to Get Free Permanent Free Fire (FF) Emotes

Hello guys, greetings to meet again with Hobigame.id in the Free Fire article. In this discussion, we want to review how to get permanent FF emotes for free.

One of the interesting features in the Free Fire game is the presence of emotes, where we can express your style directly in the game.

For this one item, it is mostly available on the direct Shop menu. That is, to have a cool FF emote you have to spend a lot of money to top up diamonds.

But don’t worry, specifically in this article we will provide various ways to get Free Fire emotes for free. Of course, this method is legal, we don’t want to give tips that can harm your account.

Therefore, if you are curious how to get it. Please take a few minutes to read this article to the end. Let’s see.

What are FF Emotes?

Before going any further, we want to explain the emote first. Maybe one of you is a new FF player and accidentally read this article, so you might ask. What are emotes? Well, here we explain.

Emote FF is an item in the Free Fire game that you can use. You can express styles such as mocking enemies and so on directly.

The emote itself is quite diverse with various styles that you can use, ranging from winning styles, dancing, mocking enemies, and much more.

So, don’t be surprised if many FF players want to have this one feature. Unfortunately, good emotes are only sold on the Shop menu and you have to top up first to buy them.

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1. Getting Emotes from FF Events

This game is known to have a variety of events that are regularly held. Such as the FF CR7 The Victor emote bonus top up event which was held yesterday, to other events that contain various attractive prizes.

Garena as a developer of course always pays special attention to all its players by holding a number of events in the game. Sometimes the prizes given from the event are in the form of emotes that can be obtained only by participating in the event or completing the given mission.

Anyway, don’t miss the events that are being held. Because it is quite unfortunate if an attractive prize awaits in sight but is simply missed.

In addition to events, you can also get FF emotes for free through the reedem code that is shared. Garena as the developer of Free Fire often shares free redeem codes that you can exchange for various interesting items, from weapons to emotes.

Well, you can use this method to get a permanent Free Fire emote, and of course it’s legal. Because in addition to these items, the possible prizes that you can get are weapon skins, you know. Cool isn’t it?

3. Participate in the FF Tournament

It’s not impossible for those of you who participated in the FF tournament to have the opportunity to get the FF emote. Currently, many Free Fire tournaments are held in nearby cities.

The tournament that is held certainly has offers of various attractive prizes. Starting from cash, awards, diamonds, to FF items, including permanent emotes.

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You can take part in a number of tournaments where prizes contain emotes. If you are confused, now many FF tournaments are announced via the internet. You can look for it in the city closest to you, don’t waste the golden opportunity in front of your eyes. Yes, at least you get the experience of participating in this tournament.

Those are six ways to get free FF emotes permanently that you can try in 2021. Using emotes in the game will make your character look cooler.

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