3 Tips for Escape in Urgent Free Fire (FF) Situations!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Free Fire is battle royale game with a fairly fast playing time, which ranges from 17 to 18 minutes. Collect 50 players in one folder small ones, making battle unavoidable every time.

Despite having above average abilities, it is not uncommon for Free Fire players to choose to run away when their lives are threatened and there is no longer a chance to win the battle. Here are 3 escape tips that you can use when you are in a situation that requires you to retreat!

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Gloo Wall Spam

The first tip that Buddy Booyah can apply is spam Gloo Wall towards Buddy Booyah’s escape route. With so many Gloo Walls that Buddy Booyah installs, Buddy Booyah’s back side will be protected from enemy bullet attacks.

Throw Item Grenades

Besides Gloo Wall, Buddy Booyah can also spam grenades or Flashbang towards the enemy to repulse the enemy so they can’t catch Buddy Booyah.

In addition to grenades, Buddy Booyah can also throw Smoke Grenades towards Buddy Booyah’s escape route. The smoke that appears thanks to the Smoke Grenade will eliminate the enemy’s view and aim at Buddy Booyah. In addition, with the Smoke Grenade, Buddy Booyah’s escape path cannot be seen by the enemy, so Buddy Booyah can escape more safely without being chased.

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Activate Skill Chrono

Chrono is a character with skills which is very popular on Free Fire right now. The so-called Chrono ability Time Turner able to protect the user from enemy bullets and will accelerate the user’s movement speed to be faster.

With the Chrono ability, it is very effective for Buddy Booyah to use skillswhen he wanted to escape from an enemy attack that threatened Buddy Booyah’s life.

Those are 3 escape tips that Buddy Booyah can apply when in a threatening situation! If Buddy Booyah is alone, what do you do when there is no chance to win the battle? Let’s comment below!

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