3 Powerful Tips to Prevent Phone or SMS Fraud Mode

3 Powerful Tips to Prevent Phone or SMS Fraud Mode

The fraudulent mode by telephone or SMS has existed since ancient times, and until now it still exists. No matter how many fraudsters have been caught, they continue to exist and increase every year. So that what the public can do is prevent them from being deceived.

There are many ways that fraudsters use to deceive their targets. If it’s an SMS, maybe it’s normal, but it’s different if it’s a telephone, where the target may believe the swindler’s words.

This article will explain some tips to prevent fraud in a smart way. That way you can be on guard if you get call or text through an unknown person. Because that person could be a fraud.

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Types of Fraud Modes By Phone or SMS

Before discussing tips to prevent it, know in advance what types of modes are commonly used by fraudsters to carry out their missions via telephone or SMS.

  • Win lottery from Bank or mobile card

  • Selected mobile number at a celebration (example: year-end party)

  • Get impromptu prizes such as Money, Cars, Motorcycles, etc.

  • Get a PIN to enter a Website

  • Get a Credit Agent offer

  • Request to call the number listed to complete the payment

  • Sending an SMS message in the form of an account number without any explanation

  • Inviting to join a service (example: Insurance)

There may still be several other types of fraud that usually occur via telephone or SMS, but the list above is the most common so far. And if you get an SMS message exactly like the one above, that’s enough IGNORE.

Below are powerful tips to prevent fraudulent mode over the phone. Please take a look and make this an experience.

1. Don’t Easily Trust Unknown Numbers

Basically, fraudsters will continue to make their targets seem to believe their words. A simple example is that they sound like very professional operators. Whether it’s in the name of the Police, Mobile card operator, or even the Bank, it’s best don’t believe it.

Investigate the truth first, a simple example is to see the number used. If they use strange numbers like +0000 or a regular number like 08123456, 021123456, then hang up immediately. It is certain that it is a fraud.

As long as the number not in contact your cell phone, don’t believe it right away and hanging up is a better prevention.

2. Don’t give out any information over the phone

Amateur scammers will usually ask first your name and then other things like address etc. Unlike the big-name scammers who can find out all the information about you.

But back to the first point, which is “don’t believe easily“. So the point is never to give them ANY information in any form. Whether it’s a NIK, KK number, complete address, or even an account. Anyway, never.

3. Directly Ignore Unknown Numbers

This method is considered very effective to avoid fraud. So when a call or text seems like it doesn’t make sense, just ignore it. The scammer will no longer contact because they feel that you have understood that they will be cheated, and they will look for another target.

However, if the unknown number continues to call, it’s a good idea to block the number or report it to Customer Service (Customer Service) on the current card.

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The three ways above can be used as an experience to prevent being deceived by telephone or SMS. And know one thing, that the mission of the deceivers is only MONEY. So whatever they talk about, be it gifts, promotions, or other things, it’s bound to end in money.

Amateur scammers will usually tell their target to send money, while big-name scammers only need a few things from the target, for example unique number on the debit card. or tell the target to go to an ATM and type in a number he has been given and then drain the money.

That’s why points 1 and 2 above are very important to avoid this. And point 3 is the right way to prevent it completely by ignoring it immediately without the need to talk again.

And maybe some people will wonder where this big fraudster got the correct information such as name, address, account number. And it’s still a mystery, but many think that it’s the result of leaking data from the bank, whether it’s a corrupt worker or something else.

To be sure, even though they know all the information about you, they still want more important information, and that must be related to money. So stay careful and always remember the three tips above.

Hope it is useful

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