3 Mandatory Weapons That You Can Use with META Misha FF!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Free Fire is one of the most unique battle royale games in the world. In Do Free Fire, players can use a variety of effective strategies or commonly known as META to fight against enemies.

One META that is currently popular is META Misha. Utilise skills Misha’s Afterburn, players who use this strategy will battle using vehicle which had been strengthened by Misha’s power.

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So that Buddy Booyah’s game when using Misha’s META is sharper and fiercer, the 3 weapons below must be in Buddy Booyah’s team when running Misha’s META!

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It is undeniable, the advantages of Vector which can be carried dually for this one SMG weapon is very overpowered for close combat.

When Buddy Booyah wants rush the enemy right after driving, Vector will help flatten the enemy easily and quickly without interfering with other teams.


If the vehicle that Buddy Booyah uses has been damaged by enemy fire and inevitably has to go down to fight at close range, the M1887 will become a frightening weapon for the opponent.

With only two to 4 shots, the M1887 will immediately avenge Buddy Booyah for vehicle which the enemy has destroyed. Guaranteed the enemy team immediately panicked when Buddy Booyah was seen using an M1887.


Not infrequently, a mental enemy due to a deadly collision from Buddy Booyah can still live with a dying HP. For that, Buddy Booyah can use Groza which has stats overpower for last hits kill the enemy.

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If you are Booyah yourself, what weapon do you like to use when using Misha’s strategy in Free Fire?

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