3 Levels of Advance Weapon M4A1 FF, Which is the Best in Free Fire?

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In the latest Free Fire update yesterday, which fell on August 4, 2021, Free Fire presented a new Advance Weapon, precisely for the Assault Rifle type weapon, the M4A1 Free Fire.

Quite unique, when compared to other Advance Weapons, the M4A1 has its own charm. How not, Advance Weapon M4A1 Free Fire is divided into three parts, namely M4A1-X, M4A1-Y, and M4A1-Z.

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But, which is the best Advance Weapon level in Free Fire right now? Is it M4A1-X, M4A1-Y, or is it M4A1-Z? In this article, Booyah News will present an article to discuss these three M4A1 Advance Weapons more deeply!

Advance Weapon M4A1 Free Fire (FF)

Advance Weapon M4A1, which is divided into three levels, can Buddy Booyah upgrade by exchanging FF Tokens into M4 Chips. Each Chip will require 4 FF Tokens which means, if Buddy Booyah wants to get M4A1-Z Requires 12 FF Tokens.

Of course, every Advance Weapon is no exception for Advance Weapon M4A1 in Free Fire has certain additions. In this M4A1 Advance Weapon, Buddy Booyah will get an additional Rate of Fire and also certain additional damage according to your Advance Weapon level.

From the experiment that the author did to try to calculate how much damage and how much pain the Advance Weapon M4A1 weapon, the following results were obtained with the note that the author did not use skin and also shot aimed at the body without using a vest.

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The M4A1-X is the first tier of the M4A1 Advance Weapon. At this rate, the weapon will get an additional +5% Rate of Fire and every three bullets will have +28% additional damage.

Meanwhile, here is the damage generated from M4A1-X:

  • Damage: 29 per 1 bullet
  • Damage per second: 167
  • For Kills: 7x shoot
  • Kill Time: 1.2 seconds
  • Damage: 66.12 per 2 bullets
  • Damage per second: 197.99
  • For Kill: 7x shoot
  • Kill Time: 1.01 seconds


Proceeding to the next level, Advance Weapon M4A1-Y has a change where Buddy Booyah will get an increase in Rate of Fire plus +4% and the second bullet will get an increase of +28%

For more details regarding this M4A1-Y damage, it is as follows:

  • Damage: 95.12 per 3 bullets
  • Damage per second: 201.74
  • For Kills: 7x shoot
  • Kill Time: 0.99 seconds


At the last or highest level, M4A1-Z will add +3% Rate of Fire and each bullet will add +28% additional damage.

Of course being quite good, the details of the M4A1-Z damage are shown as below:

  • Damage: 37.12 per 1 bullet
  • Damage per second: 220,17
  • For Kills: 6x shoot
  • Kill Time: 0.91 seconds

Of course, if you look at the data, M4A1-Z is the best with a faster time in defeating the enemy and the resulting damage can be more effective.

If Buddy Booyah yourself, are you interested in using the M4A1 after getting this Advance Weapon?

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