3 Heroes That Are Suitable For Combos With Guinevere, In An Instant Enemy Dies

It’s almost a holiday, the perfect day to relax or play games. Yes, as usual, on this Saturday we will discuss again about Mobile Legends, especially for the best Guinevere hero Combo.

Guinevere is a beautiful fighter/mage with a deadly skill set. Since the beginning of his presence in Mobile Legends, he has often been banned at the top tier.

Because this sweet fighter hero has a large damage output, especially if you use the hurt Guinevere build item.

In addition to the skill set, Ms. Guin also has high mobility, you know. What else are you trying to do?

Well, to complete it, it turns out that there are several tank heroes that are suitable to be partners or combos with Ms. Guinevere. For those of you who are curious, let’s just take a look below.

1. Tigreal

tigreal ml build hurts, strongest, newest

The first is Tigreal. One of the strongest tank heroes is very suitable when paired with Guinevere.

Where when Tigreal directs the ultimate to the enemy, then Guinevere is followed, who also issues skill 2 and ultimate.

After that, immediately remove skill 2 and skill 1. If successful, then the enemy you are after will immediately die in an instant.

Please remember, when Tigreal does the ultimate, don’t push your opponent using skill 2. Because if that happens, the combo will fail.

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2. Atlas

the sickest, strongest, newest ml build atlas

The second hero is Atlas. One of these deadly tank heroes is really suitable for combos with ng Guin. Because the ultimate Atlas itself is an area and it can be used by Guinevere.

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You can jump and issue ultimates to enemies who were previously knocked down by Atlas. That way, you can kill your opponent easily.

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3. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca became our last recommended hero for a combo with Guinevere. The way to do the combo is the same as Atlas, but Gatotkaca might be a little difficult to direct his ultimate, because this hero requires timing and the right target.

However, if the ultimate hits all opponents, then most likely they will all die from being hit by Guinevere’s ulti.

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So those are the 3 deadly combo heroes of Guinevere. Previously, we recommend to mabar with friends in person. Because, later you can start a plan to do combos with friends.

For now maybe that’s all we can share, but on another occasion we will discuss more about hero combos.

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