3 Hero Mobile Legends Most Suitable for Using Golden Staff Items, So OP!

Golden Staff Mobile Legends Hero
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3 Hero Mobile Legends Most Suitable for Using Golden Staff Items, So OP!

Golden Staff is an item in Mobile Legends that is very good for heroes who rely on attack speed. This item itself has stats +65 Physical Attack and +15% Attack Speed. It is suitable for these heroes

And also has a passive where the critical chance will be changed to attack speed, so even if you buy the critical chance item it will still be converted into attack speed by this item with a ratio of 1:1.

In addition, there is another passive that makes this item stronger, where every two basic attacks (not critical) will increase 100% of the next basic attack and double the effect.

So, the question is who fits this item? Here are three heroes that are suitable for using the Golden Staff item, making this hero even more OP!

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First there is the Badang hero where this hero has a passive where every time he does 4 basic attacks this hero will give a knockback and stun effect (if hit by a wall) against the opponent.

And the reason Badang is suitable for using this item is because his passive can be reduced by one if he uses this item so that with 3 times the basic attack Badang can get a passive effect because of this item.

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Claude is also a very suitable hero. Moreover, his ultimate will hurt even more if the attack speed of this hero is very fast. And this item also makes it easier for Claude to reach the highest stack because of the passive effect.

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Of course, when the passive Golden Staff item is triggered, Claude can be faster to collect the stack for his passive (maximum 10).

And the faster the Ultimate, the more painful the damage given from Claude, so this item cannot be separated from Claude.


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Karrie is the last hero that is suitable for using this item. Because Karrie also has a passive that allows her to deal true damage to opponents with 5 stacks.

With the Golden Staff, just like Badang, he only needs 4 stacks to get the effect of the passive. Of course this makes Karrie sicker with true damage that is easier to trigger.

Those are the 3 Mobile Legends heroes that are most suitable for using the Golden Staff item. According to SPIN Esports, there are only three heroes, but if you have other hero recommendations that turn out to be suitable, you can write them in the comments column.

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