3 Hero Mobile Legends (ML) With the Best CC Suppress Specialist

One of the most popular MOBA games in Indonesia, Mobile Legends (ML), there are many heroes with various specialists. Such as chargers, burst damage, to crowd control. Well, crowd control (CC) itself is the most annoying ability, because heroes who have this ability can stun or counter certain heroes.

Besides that, crowd control (CC) is also divided into other types, for example CC Suppress. Where this type of CC is more annoying than ordinary stun, because it is very good as a counter, including heroes who have immune skills.

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However, unfortunately in Mobile Legends (ML), there are only three heroes with CC Suppress specialists. However, the heroes who have this Suppress ability are very deadly. And who they are. For those of you who are curious, let’s just take a look below.

1. Franco

franco mobile legends ml

We think everyone already knows how annoying this tank hero is, apart from having thick HP and armor. Franco also has deadly stun skills.

Moreover, his ultimate is CC Suppress which is very annoying from other crowd control (CC). If airbones or ordinary stuns have no effect on heroes who have immune, but Franco with his CC Suppress is able to counter immune heroes easily.

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2. Barats

This hero, who recently became a resident of the Lawn of Dawn, had become a banned subscription in the upper tier. Yes, this is because Barats have thick HP, especially if you have entered the late game and use the best Barats build items. So, it will be very difficult for the opposing team.

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So, that’s one of the reasons why Barats were often banned in the upper tiers. Besides that, another reason also says that this hero has skills with CC Suppress abilities, you know.

Besides being deadly, Barats is also very easy to counter opponents. For example, he is able to lock the opponent with his ultimate and the opponent locked by him can only surrender.

3. Kaja

kaja mobile legends ml

One of the Mobile Legends heroes adapted from this mythology also has CC capabilities. As we know, Kaja’s ultimate can lock opponents easily and open gaps to attack enemies.

He is also a support hero who is both sick and deadly. So, don’t be surprised if Kaja is one of the popular support/fighter heroes.

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So, those were the three Mobile Legends heroes with the best CC Suppress abilities. There are still many Mobile Legends articles that we haven’t discussed. So keep watching the Hobigame.id website, yes, to get the latest updates from us.

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