3 Character Skill Recommendations To Push Rank Season 20 Free Fire (FF)

Hello, welcome back, gang, in the Indonesian Free Fire (FF) guide article. In this article, we will discuss the best character skill combinations for push ranked season 20.

As we know, playing Free Fire requires good skills, so that in every match we can get Booyah.

However, relying on skills alone is not enough, you also have to know what FF characters are good for pushing rank.

Well, in season 20, the competition between Free Fire players continues. You and others will compete to reach the highest rank in FF.

The reason is, the current META as a whole can develop rapidly and you have to adapt according to META, especially with the selection of character skill sets.

Like the title above, Hobigame.id will provide 3 recommendations for good character skill combinations to push rank 20 Free Fire. For those of you who can’t wait, let’s just take a look below.

1. Chrono, Hayato, Joseph, and Kelly

Photo: grid.id

The first recommendation will be filled by this line of characters. By using the second skill set, you can maximize the strength of the team as the front row.

As we know, that Hayato’s skill can increase Armor penetration plus Joseph’s skill that can increase Movement.

That way you don’t have to be afraid to face your opponent, because if Hayato’s HP is running low then it will be a distinct advantage, because he will increase the penetration of higher Armor.

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2. Kapella, Chrono, Dasha and Kelly

kapella free fire ff
Photo: YouTube – Garena Free Fire Indonesia

Next up are Kapella, Chrono, Dasha, and Kelly. With the Dasha and Kelly skills, they can help you get vision and surprise the enemy through high places.

In addition, the presence of the Kapella skill can increase the effectiveness of using Healing on teammates who are ready to help you to shorten the time and amount of Medkit usage and so on.

3. Moco, Chrono, Joseph, and Kelly

Photo: Kabargames.id

In addition to being able to create armor, Chrono can also provide a high increase in Movement Speed. This is very useful for increasing agility, especially for escaping or chasing enemies. You can combine it with Kelly or Joseph.

With the Moco skill, it is the right choice to complete the skill set. The reason is, the Movement Speed ​​obtained is higher and there is information about the whereabouts of the opponent, so that you can play better.

So, those are the 3 best character skills for push ranked FF season 20. Character and playing skills are important for push rank. So, the characters above are only recommendations and there is no guarantee to always be booyah.

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