3 Advantages of Shooting Enemies from High Ground in Free Fire (FF)!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Free Fire is one of the battle royale game fun and famous in the world. Although it only takes about 20 minutes to win, there are many strategies that Free Fire players can apply to fight against enemies.

One of them is shooting at the enemy from high ground. What are the advantages of shooting at the enemy from high ground? Here’s Booyah News peeling 3 advantages!

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Easier to Get Headshot

When Buddy Booyah shoots at enemies from high ground, automatically the enemy’s head will be more open and easier to shoot. So Buddy Booyah can more easily and quickly kill enemies.

Expanding Vision

When Buddy Booyah is at high ground, Buddy Booyah will get a broad vision and can monitor the movement of enemies who are in the field low ground easier and tastier.

Especially when the enemy is at war in low ground, Buddy Booyah can rain bullets at the enemy more easily than high ground. The opportunity for the enemy to escape is also low, because Buddy Booyah can see the enemy’s movements from above.

The enemy will be difficult to shoot back

If Buddy Booyah fights against the enemy of high ground, the enemy will find it difficult to shoot back at Buddy Booyah because he has to direct his aim first to the top.

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Especially if Buddy Booyah shoots at the enemy from the fault that is in the high ground, the enemy will find it difficult to shoot Buddy Booyah easily because Buddy Booyah’s body and head are not wide open, and the enemy’s aim will be difficult to stick to Buddy Booyah.

If according to Buddy Booyah himself, why shoot the enemy from high ground very important and superior?

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