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Originally posted on 24 March 2021 @ 10:08 PM

There’s a Way to Get Free FF Diamonds in the Latest Free Fire! which you can do easily. As we know, every online game must have a diamond or cash, just like real money so you can buy various items in the game.

So, how do FF players get this free diamond for free free fire?

Now there are a lot of games in the world, even each of these games also has a different number of players. One of the most popular online games until now is Free Fire. As we know, this game has a type of Battle Royale that is quite unique.

If in this game it is called Diamond, of course all Free Fire players are eager to get Diamonds in large quantities.

So that they can do Spin Royale or buy various other items in the Shop.

By following the points on how to get the Free Diamond FF, you can get lots of diamonds that you can exchange for free fire items in the shop.

Well, with the way we mentioned above, you can buy everything in the shop, then how do you get it easily?. This time we will discuss it through the 9 points that we have given above.

Here’s how to get free Diamond FF that free fire players are easy to do:

1. Whaff Rewards

To get Free Diamonds in this Free Fire game, you can directly install the Whaff Rewards application. Take it easy, because this application is quite safe and can be obtained for free through the Google Play Store.

After you have installed the application, just enter and access the Whaff Rewards application. By the time you have entered this application. After that press the rewards section to get the mission

After that, you will be required to login first. Don’t worry, for those of you who don’t have a whaff reward account, you can directly login and register automatically. The login system of this application is the Google Play Store.

How to get the next free Diamond FF, you can complete the Missions available in this application.

When the mission is successfully completed, you will get rewards. this is useful for redeem to paypal later.

After the credit is entered, you can immediately top up Diamond Free Fire from within the game. Take it easy, there are several places that you can use to fill up Diamonds by using Credit.

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Like Codashop or DuniaGames, you can also top up Diamonds with credit directly from within the game.

2. How to Get Free FF Diamonds with Diamond Free Fire Event

Garena free fire is the developer of this battle royale game. Garena will provide the latest events so that players don’t get bored playing this free fire game.

Garena gives good prizes to keep it fun playing, one of the prizes is diamond free fire.

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Usually Garena gives free fire diamond prizes for events that have the best moments. One example is when the Garena Free Fire 2nd Anniversary event takes place

In addition, you can get on the advance server ff. So that you can find bugs after that you will get the latest diamond free fire 2021

3. How to Get Free Free Fire Diamonds Using Diamond Generator

The next way to get free Diamond FF to get diamonds quickly is to use a diamond generator.

All you have to do is visit the page that we have provided on the best free fire generators. There you will be asked to fill out the form provided.

When you have, you will be asked to choose diamonds or coins for free. Because you are in need of diamonds, then you choose diamonds.

Later you can use these diamonds to buy weapon skins, costumes and others.

However, this method of getting free Diamond Free Fire is very illegal and we do not recommend it for you to use it on FF.

This will cause your free fire account to be banned. So, don’t use this forbidden method, okay?

4. YouTuber Giveaway

How to Get Free Free Fire Diamonds

How to get free Free Fire diamonds is also very effective to do so that players can easily get FF diamonds. Usually, famous gaming YouTubers often hold giveaways for their viewers. In addition to sharing free diamonds, the purpose of the giveaway is also to increase the YouTube subscribers.

You can continue to monitor YouTubers who often share giveaways for free. You can also comment to request a giveaway prize on the next content created. That way, you can have the opportunity to get diaopnd for free.

5. Using the News App

How to Get Free Free Fire Diamonds

You can also get diamond free fire for free through the news application. The task of the news application here.

How to Get Free Diamond FF with you just doing the tasks in it such as reading news, installing applications and others. Later you will get points after reading the given task.

If the points have been collected, you can use these points to exchange credit which can be used to buy diamonds for free. Not bad, just by doing light tasks you can get diamonds for free. In our opinion, this is a way to get free Diamond Free Fire that you can use easily.

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6. Android Application As A Way To Get Free FF Diamonds!

How to Get Free Free Fire Diamonds
Yt/Dyland Pros

The easy way in FF to get this free Free Fire diamond you can do is use the android application. To get the application, you just need to open the playstore and write down an android application that makes money.

When it is installed, you will be asked to fill in the registration. Fill in according to your identity.

There you will be asked to perform the required tasks. Each completed task will be given points that can be exchanged for credit. With this credit, you can use it to buy diamonds.

It’s very easy, just by doing easy tasks, you will get credit for free.

7. How to Get Free Free Fire Diamonds With Redeem Code

The way to get free Free Fire diamonds is with the ff redeem code which is a code that is specifically given by Garena free fire. Of course, to get some cool prizes inside. You only need to exchange the redeem code to get diamond free fire for free.

However, the free fire redeem code does not always contain free fire diamonds, sometimes it only contains bundles or other newest items. So, don’t expect to get a free diamond free fire at this stage. Because it is not guaranteed to get the diamond.

8. Play with Your Friends

When playing free fire, there must be one of your friends who is a pro and also royal. Well, that’s your chance to make your friend’s heart touched to share diamonds with you.

This is the easiest way to get Free FF Diamonds in our opinion that you can do.

For example, you accompany your friends to a high rank and the reward is in the form of diamonds. That way you get a high rank and also diamonds because you accompany your friends. Well, it’s like a game jockey, but it’s more of a family without a fee

9. Follow the news event!

Diamond Free Fire (FF) And Mobile Legends (ML) Code Party

How to Get Free FF Diamonds with Kabargokil is currently celebrating its fourth anniversary. Well, we ourselves celebrate this specifically for free fire and mobile legends players. That way, you can get it at the free fire diamond code party. So, let’s join this best event

10. Participate in Scrim or Tournament

Yup, when you participate in things like this, then there is an interesting prize that you can get. Of course, the prizes that we can get from the Tournament, can indeed be money or Diamonds later.

Now by participating in a Tournament like this, then you will immediately have the main Diamond prize which depends also on the event of the Tournament as well as how the prize will be.

11. Via Spawn Island

Spawn island that is present in this Free Fire game, turns out to have a lot of big advantages for the players. In addition to presenting a place before the match, it turns out that Spawn Island will give you this diamond too.

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By knowing the Tips for Getting Spawn Island Diamonds, then there is nothing else that we can deny from this place to get Diamonds, right.

12. Report Bugs

Don’t be wrong if you report a bug, then there will be a pretty good reward to get. One of them is a Diamond prize, in quite a large amount if you do something like this, yes.

What’s more, we know that in the past, Garena has given 3000 Diamonds to players who are diligent in reporting bugs. With things like this, don’t forget to report the bug, too.

13. Stray Diamonds

Yup, if the fortune won’t go anywhere, maybe there is someone who turns out to be wrong with the Diamond content. Even the diamond, too, will enter your Free Fire game account in a very large total.

Of course this is a sustenance that we should not ignore, of course, if something like that rarely happens. So you really have to know right away, if this stray Diamond can indeed be free but rarely.

14. Participate in the Guessing Event

Well, usually there are content creators who invite us to take part in guessing quizzes. Surely later the prize that will be given, it could be a free fire account or a large number of diamonds too.

Of course, with us knowing this Guessing Event, then later you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Because this new event, which has elements of guesswork, is quite good and gives a cool impression too.

15. Reporting Cheats (Back then, not now)

In the past, those of us who reported Cheats to Garena, would get a total Diamond prize which was not much. Even so, this total is indeed quite useful and we can slowly collect it later.

Well, if for now we don’t know what this is, does it still apply in the Free Fire game. Because remembering that someone had reported a cheater, but didn’t get a diamond gift again, apparently.

So, don’t despair if you only follow once or twice, make sure you follow continuously so that your chances of winning are greater. How? Interested in following How to Get Free Diamonds Free Fire (FF) like this?

You can get diamonds for free and of course you also have to have very high luck in getting this ff diamond. So, don’t give up to get it

So, those are some ways that you can do to get Diamond Free Fire for free while playing FF. The players can easily do it as long as you are patient and also have high luck. Especially when you get it through a giveaway, of course you compete with many players who want to get it for free too.

That’s all about how to get free ff diamonds that free fire players can do, Thank you and Greetings Booyah.

If you want to get a lot of information about the Free Fire game, you can directly join our group, okay?

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