12 Teams Ready to Compete in the FFIM 2021 Spring Play-Ins Round, Who’s Your Hero?

Free Fire Indonesia Master 2021 will soon be held and here are the 12 teams that are ready to compete in the Play-Ins Round, the FFIM 2021 Spring event.

Several teams have struggled from the qualifying round until now, and several teams have also struggled from FFML Season 3 to step into this big round.

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Teams from divisions 1 and 2 gather into one event that will determine who the winner is entitled to get the next championship title.

Free Fire Indonesia MAster 2021 Spring is a tournament that can provide an opportunity for community teams to show their strength and enter prestigious national tournaments in the country.

Teams That Officially Enter FFIM 2021 Spring

play ins ffim 2021 spring team
Photo: Revivaltv

Until now, there have been 12 teams that have received tickets to compete in the FFIM 2021 Spring Play-Ins round. Who is it? Let’s just take a look below.

  • Siren Esports
  • Bona fide Esports
  • NGid Esports
  • First Raiders
  • EVOS Esports
  • Aerowolf Pro Team
  • Dranix Esports
  • AURA Esports
  • Boss Knightmare
  • NXL Ligagame
  • God United
  • Champion_0

Of the many teams above, there are 3 community teams from the Final Group that have entered the big round, namely Play-Ins. Where in this round will be a tense competition arena.

For the upcoming March 13, 2021, in this round the 12 teams will compete for the first time to determine who has the right to qualify for the next round.

In this event, we will also see a number of big matches between big Indonesian teams, one of which is Aura Esports and Evos Esports.

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Then there will be six teams that will be selected to enter the Grand Final round, and whether division 2 and the community team managed to beat the team from division 1 to become the next Indonesia Masters?

Let’s watch the Play-Ins Free Fire Indonesia Master 2021 which will be held on Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 11:30 WIB.

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