10 Ways to Get a Free Fire (FF) Change Name Card

So you have to know 10 Ways to Get a Free Fire (FF) Change Name Card, of course something like this is quite interesting to try.

Because some things like that will also help you, so that later you can make a cool name.

Because for now, the Free Fire game has many new things, so don’t be surprised if the event will be like that too.

Especially for those who are present now, maybe you also like the latest event and can take advantage of all the events that are presented well.

Especially for now, we ourselves know that the Free Fire x Street Fighter Collaboration is indeed still the player’s choice.

Where from that we will also get many prizes, then you can also know some information about the Change name Card.

How to Get a Free Fire (FF) Change Name Card

If you want to get a free fire change name card for free or not, you can do this below:

Via Shop

First you can get this Change name card through the Shop, yup it’s one of the first ways you can do everything.

Because by going through a shop like this, of course, the opportunity to get it is indeed faster and easier.

Only by buying using Diamond, then you have the right to have the Change name Card to use as well.

To get it, you have to enter the Shop and select the item named to buy the Change Name Card right now.

Redeem Code

If there are indeed many new Redeem codes in this Free Fire game, then all of you can take advantage of them and use them.

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Where Redeem Codes like this too, will help all of you to be able to receive many attractive prizes from the latest events right now.

Especially with the additions given to the July 2021 Free Fire Redeem Code, you can take advantage of that for that.

Maybe one of them will give you a grand prize that changes to a Change Name Card for free too.

Get a Free Fire (FF) Change Name Card with a Paid Web Event

At this time, we always have many new Web events, of course, things like that are very interesting for players to participate in.

But you also have to know, if it’s a Paid Web Event like this it will also require not too many Diamonds, right.

Because usually Change Name when it enters the Web Event, it will definitely issue up to 200 Diamonds for us to have.

For now, there are also several new events that will be present in the Free Fire game so you can try to get the item.

Given By Friends

Not only that, you will also have the opportunity to get this Item Change name Card through a gift given by a friend later.

Of course, with a situation like this too, you will know that gifts like this are indeed quite good and very useful to be given.

It’s just that it depends on your friends, whether you want to give it or not, we can’t force it either because it can’t be good later.

But if you really want to give the item, you can tell us how to send diamonds to Free Fire friends so we can buy them ourselves.

How to Get Free Change Name Card FF Events and Special Surprise Missions

Now we can know that there is a special event in the Free Fire game, where it does bring up interesting surprise missions.

You must know that it’s not the same as the Free Fire Change Name Card Mission Event, this is indeed one of the interesting things that we shouldn’t miss.

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Where free events and surprise missions like this will make you all get lots of interesting new prizes.

Moreover, yesterday we also found out, if the way to get it is only by playing 25 games without missing anything at all.

Guild Token

The feature that is present in the Redeem Shop section does provide an item called Change Name Card which is quite interesting to exchange.

Moreover, having lots of Guild Tokens like that, will make it easier for players to get these items.

Now, this is the reason every player must have a guild in Free Fire, so that later you won’t miss all the items in the feature.

When else can we get a Change Name Card, without the need to use a lot of Diamonds for something like that, right?

Mystery Shop

You can also take advantage of an event called the Mystery Shop, when participating in the event there will definitely be many discounts given.

Of course the presence of the Mystery Shop in this Free Fire game, there will be various cheap discounts that are very useful for you to buy.

If it’s Hockey later, you can also get a new item for sale which is a Change Name Card.

So the price given at this event depends on the discount you got at the beginning when you want to enter this Mystery Shop.

Live Tournament Free Fire

If you realize how to get other ways too, you will definitely know that Live Tournaments can also give you gifts like that too.

Because indeed with a Live Tournament like this, usually a prize if you manage to watch it until the predetermined target, yes.

Now the Change Name Card can also be obtained in conditions like this, it’s not given directly but depends on the prize just watching it.

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If indeed Garena gives a Change Name Card, of course you can get it and if not, what can you do.

Official Giveaway / Youtuber / Free Fire Community

Also, if you want to get a Change Name Card, you have to go through a Giveaway, of course you can do something like this.

Where Giveaways are officially given by Garena, Youtubers or the Free Fire community, they will definitely give various prizes.

Usually the prize is determined by the giveaway maker, but there are also those who can determine the prize when they win.

Daily Login (New Player Only)

At the beginning of playing the Free Fire game, every player will indeed have things that all must be able to see clearly.

Well it turns out that one of them is for you new players, you can get a Change Name Card prize with Daily Login.

Through the Road To Mastery Free Fire Event, you can get this prize easily and it won’t be difficult to follow it.

But only 1 important thing you should know, this event will not last permanently and disappear after 2 weeks of playing.

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After knowing 10 Ways to Get a Free Fire (FF) Change Name Card, then you have a good chance for that.

Have this Change Name Card, to make your name more cool and interesting when used.

Especially now that there are 1001 Cool Names in Free Fire for you to use, because you can show your ability to play with more confidence.

Then you also have to know how to change your Free Fire account name, because after you get the item, you can immediately use this method.

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