10 Things That Annoy FF Players When Playing Free Fire

Originally posted on February 14, 2021 @ 11:37 AM

Right now you probably should know 10 things that irritate FF players when playing Free Fire. Of course it must be one of the experiences you have ever experienced when playing this game. Because what we know, there are already many things that irritate this.

The only thing we know is that there are only a few, where this often happens to players today as well. Of course, now you must not forget, to find out what can really annoy you when playing the Free Fire game for later.

All of these present are indeed quite good and very unique for us to know. Don’t forget to join the Velentine Booyah Cinta Free Fire Event, so that we can get the main prize from the event quite easily and you can also use it later when competing against enemies.

Then there’s no need to worry about the New Cobra Free Fire Bundle Feature, which is also one of the most unique features in this game. Of course, you have to be prepared, because apart from this new feature, there are certain things that irritate you will be known.

With 10 Things That Annoy FF Players When Playing Free Fire, maybe you guys will be wary of that. Curious? Let’s just look at the explanation, in the article below now, yes.

10 Things That Annoy FF Players When Playing Free Fire

Yes, if you play the Free Fire game, there will always be things that irritate you. Maybe every player has some things that can make their blood rise or emotions, like the ones below and it turns out that they often appear, yes.

  1. Failed Booyah

Yup, who here failed to get Booyah free fire, where it became quite an upsetting thing. Especially if you have 1 vs 1 left, then when the enemy opponent loses and can’t win when dealing with the enemy.

For example, if the enemy is really a pro in this case, if the enemy wins, is it just because of luck? Of course it will make us bleed. Well, everyone must have experienced something like this when the push rank game.

So it should be in the first place, as the thing that makes a lot of emotions for the players in this Free Fire game. Already Failed Booyah, then the situation has often lost and died Ridiculously too.

  1. Found Cheats

Yup, if this is the case, it’s not really annoying anymore, but it can make us who play purely annoyed because we met cheats. If there is a cheater in a match, we only have a small chance of winning, right?

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The players that we have seen are proven to be using cheats, it’s better to report them with How to Report Free Fire Cheats. So that later on the cheater account, Garena can immediately take action and get banned perm by them too.

Indeed, this thing irritates us the most, because we also know that Cheats are the dirtiest in the game world. They will be able to win, only using Skill Download while playing the game huh.

  1. Dead Silly

When we are playing seriously in this Free Fire game, of course this situation will make us have to be able to win. That’s why focus is very important, when you play in that game and die silly what can you feel?

Yup, of course it’s annoying because you guys who are serious can die and turn out to be in a ridiculous state. Where we also know Dying Silly In Free Fire, it is indeed quite strange and there are funny things too. Although from the funny part, only a few responded.

Especially those of you who are busy with war, suddenly there is an Airdrop that falls from above. Of course that became one of the things that was quite annoying. Because you will be hit and die because of the Airdrop.

Not only that, but there are still many ridiculous deaths in this game which of course can make you angry and irritated.

  1. Lost Connection, Even though You Want to Booyah

We can be called Pros when playing the Free Fire game, but have you ever been hindered by a lagging Internet? Yup, when you play, you must have experienced the Lost Connection or you could say the connection disappeared.

Of course, that way you can be very emotional, especially when the situation has convinced you that you want to quit. 5 enemies left, keep losing connection while playing. It can make you angry and indeed at this part, we are also upset.

If for example it’s still safe and the connection is smooth again, that’s of course not a problem. But if it’s gone for a long time, then coming back when the character is dead does make us all angry.

  1. Emote with the enemy

Latest Emotes December 2021 Free Fire

In this game there is something called Emote, where we can style when we want to do one of the celebrations. But when you die, there are also enemies standing in front of you and spamming Emotes.

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You could say that this Emote has become the subject of ridicule, to players who have lost when killed. Of course, that way, the Emote given by the enemy can make us angry, especially because of being ridiculed.

Apart from that, you can also know that, for example, the Best Free Fire Emote is currently included in one of these sections. So that way, you don’t want to die, and you continue to be emote by the enemy because that’s also being ridiculed.

  1. Bullets Out

We must use weapons in war, where the bullets used must have a limit as well. Then when the bullet condition runs out, we really need to do something called Reload so that we can immediately use the weapon.

But has there ever been a 1 Vs 1 situation, the bullets on your weapon are exhausted and need time to reload. At the time of reloading you are successfully killed by the enemy, then see the enemy’s blood which is very now.

This does make us irritated and angry when playing later. So of course you have to know when is the right time to use a gun, this will give you one of the opportunities and opportunities for you to avoid that thing called death.

  1. Meet Team Toxic

When playing random, we will definitely meet other players and if it’s for those who choose Clash Squad or Squad Battleroyale mode. Now, you guys will be paired up, along with several other players who, of course, have a unique way of playing too.

But have you ever met one of the players who played incorrectly or was toxic. Of course it becomes quite annoying, so don’t let your blood boil when you meet something like this when playing.

Because we also know that Team Toxic can still help us to win. Although the opportunities given are not too big. But if that person is getting worse at playing, surely nothing will stop you from being annoyed and irritated.

  1. 1 more token, but event ends

We usually use tokens when playing in an event, just like we have to know how to get FFML Free Fire Tokens. Well, in the past there were also several players, where they had collected tokens and there was only 1 left.

Eh, the event ended on the same day, while we only needed to get 1 more token to exchange the main prize. Of course, this can really irritate you, you’re already tired but you don’t get one of the prizes you want.

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Therefore, we advise you to complete this token event mission quickly. So that later you don’t experience the same thing that can make you irritated when you compete later.

  1. Spin Thousands of Diamonds, But still can’t

If you participate in the spin event in Luck Royale or this Web Event, you need to use diamonds, of course. But have you guys ever spent thousands of Diamonds, still not getting the gifts that we also want to have.

This used to be present too, at the time of How to Get M1887 One Punch Man. Where when you spin in this event, the condition must be to collect tokens by doing several spins.

However, the spin can be said as well, if it is too long and can make us angry first. Because the chance is very small, to get Tokens in events like this when you play.

  1. Free Fire Game Bug

Lastly and maybe it can make you emotional too, where when you are playing you get a game bug. Of course, this is one thing that is quite emotional, because the bugs that occur are very disturbing to all of us.

Then this bug that occurs really makes you unable to play well, aka the Adverse Bug that you experience when playing. Well this is not going to make things good, it can even make you very annoyed.

It’s not only us who get bugs, but the enemy can also take advantage of the bugs to win easily. Well, of course, this can make us all get angry, and become emotional when playing the game.

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So for now we can know 10 things that irritate FF players when playing Free Fire. That way, those of you who have experienced the same thing like this, must also be patient and keep playing Relax when you are experiencing things like this too.

It’s better for you to join in the FFML Season 3 Free Fire Schedule Event right now. So that later cool and interesting prizes in this event, you can get them in a fast way too.

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