10 Quick Ways to Level Up a Free Fire (FF) Account

Of course you want to know 10 Quick Ways to Level Up a Free Fire (FF) Account, because this will make the account higher and can reach the Max level. Even if you do something like this, of course there are various prizes that we can get later.

Moreover, for now there are also some things that you might know, even those that are directly related to strong characters. Of course, if you are a player who can use these characters, you must have had a long total playing time.

Including part of the Highest Level 200 Free Fire Account, indeed many have not but reportedly the Maximum level is that much. It’s just that you may not be able to reach it yet, because it’s too difficult to get a high level right now.

However, there are 10 Quick Ways to Level Up Free Fire (FF) Accounts, maybe one of them you can use as best you can now. Because of the position of increasing the Level, it will indeed be helped by some things like this.

How to Quickly Level Up a Free Fire (FF) Account

Using Exp Bonus

10 Quick Ways to Level Up Free Fire (FF) Accounts

In this Free Fire game, we will indeed get a lot of supporting items, for example, the Xp Bonus Card which can increase the Exp level of the Account. The total that you will get if you use this, is indeed quite large and very useful.

If you really like the time to often use this Exp Bonus, of course leveling up may not be a foreign thing. After finishing the match, maybe we will get up to 1000 or 500 total Exp which we get a lot.

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Play with Friends

Your position if you really play with friends has a good chance of winning, even if you play with friends there are also additions that we might be able to receive. Even later you will receive much greater Exp, because it is often Mabar in any mode.

Besides you getting a lot of total Exp, of course the chances of winning are indeed increasing if it’s like this and you like it. It won’t be too difficult to go head to head against the enemy, if you’ve done mabar with friends.

Diligently Complete Daily Missions

10 Quick Ways to Level Up Free Fire (FF) Accounts

Daily Missions in this Free Fire game actually give Exp prizes too, but because the numbers are small, we don’t really see them. Even if you are really diligent in this, it might feel even faster to increase the level of the account you are after now.

Every day we get new missions that can be completed quite easily, even you don’t find it difficult like this. Then there’s a good chance too, if you finish this you can get it from here later.

Buying Diamonds

10 Quick Ways to Level Up Free Fire (FF) Accounts

This method is indeed quite strange because it was reported that every player who bought Diamonds would get a fairly large total Exp. Even in this condition, buying Diamond is not a difficult thing, but it just depends on money.

But he also said that this method is no longer possible, because some things are quite cornering Free players, because they can’t level up quickly. Those who always Top Up must have reached the highest level, without having to play or do anything difficult.

Play Mode for a while

10 Quick Ways to Level Up Free Fire (FF) Accounts

The Short Mode doesn’t mean that the EXP level increases a little, but when you’re done playing, you might be able to get a lot of total. Even that total, we will always get at the end of the match that you might use now when competing.

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Especially for the Mode position which has briefly entered the Clash Squad type, there is indeed a lot that we can see in that mode. Even the total number of players who play Clash Squad is quite a lot, that’s what makes us more Exp for us to get.

How to Quickly Increase Free Fire Account Level During Peak Day

10 Quick Ways to Level Up Free Fire (FF) Accounts

If you are aware that playing the Free Fire game during Peak day, there will be a Buff that gives Double XP later. Of course this total which includes a lot, will help you level up very quickly and get other prizes too.

Even the XP that you might get later is not worth it, maybe if Hockey can get more than 2000 in doing several matches. It’s just that Peak day occurs during a big event, so you may rarely find it at this time.

Kill a lot

10 Quick Ways to Level Up Free Fire (FF) Accounts

Do you realize that doing a lot of kills in this Free Fire game later will increase the total XP you get. Of course, the total kill will be counted and the results that you can get later, such as Gold and also the Exp.

It’s just that doing a Kill is not an easy matter, there are still teammates or enemies that bother you. But at least the total Kill for Fast Level Up must be in a total of 5 continuously every time the Free Fire game is finished.

The Quick Way to Level Up Your Free Fire Account is to Play Diligently

10 Quick Ways to Level Up Free Fire (FF) Accounts

Players must be able to continue to be diligent in playing this Free Fire game, so that later they can get a lot of XP. Then if they are able to finish 10 games continuously, then the Total XP that comes is quite large than usual.

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It’s just that it depends on those who can play like that or not, because not all of them can do it. Those who are busy may take a long time to level up, because they rarely play or never focus on being able to continue playing.

Battle Royale Ranked Mode

For those who are curious about how to bug weapons in the Free Fire (FF) lobby, you can see here to show the FF lobby weapons

Then you can play a lot of ranked Battleroyale funds, because it has a very large amount of Exp. It can even help you level up faster, than you have to play Mode that is relatively small or for a while now.

Even if you manage to battle and win, then Xp is definitely doubled when you’ve played in that mode. It’s just that if you play here, it’s likely that the match will feel very long.

The Fast Way to Level Up a Free Fire Account is Always Booyah

10 Quick Ways to Level Up Free Fire (FF) Accounts

We can say that this is for sure the players will be able to feel it too, because the winning position will definitely have a lot of prizes. Even to win the match and Booyah, can add pretty high Exp now.

That is the accumulation of Booyah that you get, the more the better. Neither Battleroyale Mode nor Clash Squad Mode is a problem and the Exp is still quite large.

After knowing 10 Quick Ways to Level Up a Free Fire (FF) Account, then you don’t have to worry anymore to try it now. You might find it easier, if you’ve tried this quick method.

Moreover, there are still things like How to Get the Amplified Bassrock Free Fire Bundle, for those of you who like it and this is good for Free players.

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