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Originally posted on 27 December 2021 @ 4:54 PM

Open World Game is a game that has a Virtual world that allows you to explore an open world. So you can adventure in the virtual world to explore. Some of these Open World type games are very popular because they allow you to explore the ins and outs of the world. Moreover, the freedom of adventure makes you feel at home playing this game. You can try this game when you are bored with mobile legends or free fire games.

Not only adventure, this game also has various skills that you can improve as you play. make weapons, go on adventures, and even help side quest NPCs. Open world games will be very fun if you have a great curiosity so you can find the mystery of the game. now below. This is an Open World game recommendation that you should try!


The first open world game that can accompany you when you are bored playing ML or FF is GTA. We all already know about how fun this game is. You all must have played GTA San Andreas before.

Grand Theft Auto or commonly abbreviated as GTA is the best-selling game made by Rockstar. This game allows you to explore the city, complete missions with many side quests, play cars and so on. The latest GTA is GTA 5 which is available on PC, Playstation, and Xbox. With so many options to play GTA is one of the most popular Open World games.

Not only an interactive game, this game has an active community in making mods. That way you will feel at home playing this game. Not only that, there are many things you can try here, such as modifying cars, buying clothes, robbing, and even playing golf. This game has many features that you can try. However, you have to be careful when you commit a crime, later you can be arrested by the police because this game has a wanted feature. You guys also did the gta san andreas cheats that we discussed earlier


The Elder Scroll is a game with a Medieval theme that has a unique gameplay. Adventure in a world full of fantasy, you can be anything. You can become a strong Warrior, a Thief who can steal things, a Mage who can use magic, or a Hunter who can shoot enemies from a distance with arrows. In a world full of mystery, you will find all kinds of monsters. Even you can fight the big Dragon. This game will increase your stats as you play, including Speech or speaking. So you have many skills, such as Speech speaking skills, Thief skills stealing, Alchemy skills making potions and so on. So if you have a small Speech skill you will have a small chance to incite someone.

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The most popular game in The Elder Scrolls is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. but many of these game series that you can try like Oblivion. So if you try games that have a Medieval theme that can use magic, this game is highly recommended. Moreover, here you can find dragons and fight fierce monsters while playing.


Fallout is a post-Apocalytic themed game and an interactive shooting game. This game tells how you survive during a nuclear war. So you will meet various living things that have been exposed to radiation and become mutants. In fact, many Ghouls or humans had been exposed to too much radiation.

This game allows you to explore a world that has been destroyed, after which you can find other humans that you can help. In this game you can use a variety of weapons such as Blunt, Pistol, and even Laser gun. So you can eradicate the monsters around the area.

But be careful you can also kill other humans, so if you shoot other humans, they will attack you back. This game is almost the same as The Elder Scroll because you have skills such as Speech, Thief and so on as well. However, the difference is that you can’t use magic here.

You can also make your own weapons, even explore areas such as unused buildings to look for items. So if you like Survival games with Guns as weapons, this game is highly recommended. For the series, you can try Fallout: New Vegas, or Fallout 4 to try it. This game also has an active community in making mods, so you won’t get bored easily.


A game that is almost the same as Skyrim but has a 20% wider world, this is a good game choice. You can go on adventures as usual, exterminate monsters, and so on. However, every action you take will affect the storyline. So if you choose the wrong choice, the storyline will change and the ending will change.

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Here you will play as Geralt the main character of this game, so you cannot customize your character. but with that many features, this game is very popular especially with an exciting storyline. The game series that features Open World and is popular is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Farcry is an Open World game that has a very popular First Person PoV with a variety of storylines. So you can try many series of this game because the story is different. the latest one is Farcry 5 which is set in the United State. This game is an Open World game, you can explore US cities as you please.

However, here you also have enemies like Bandits and Cults who are after you. You can even meet wild animals so you have to be careful. In this game you have a firearm as a weapon.

You can buy it as well as make it. In this game you can drive a car on the road and find other people who will give you Side Quests. So this Open World game is highly recommended if you want to play Open World with an interesting story, because this game is a game that has Multi Ending.


Red Dead Redemption is a game that is almost the same as GTA because this game also comes from Rockstar. This game has a Western Cowboy theme, and also an Open World game. Living like a Cowboy, you can do a lot. You can fish, rob, ride horses and even interact with NPCs. In this game you can also be hunted by NPCs if you commit a crime. This game has a Wanted mechanism that is similar to GTA.

So if you commit murder or other crimes, you can be hunted by other people. This game has a wide map that allows you to explore a wide world, and also this game has many side quests that will benefit you when you complete the quest. You can play Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox. You can also play the first Red Dead Redemption series which can be played on Playstation 3 and Xbox only.


Assassins Creed is a game made by Ubisoft which is famous for its Stealth game, here Assassin’s Creed has a game that you can play because there are many series that have Open World.

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Playing as an Assassin, you can kill enemies from the shadows, and you can even play with arrows from a distance. This game includes Action role-playing games. This game has a different story depending on the series. The recommended ones are Assassins Creed Odyssey or Assassins Creed Syndicate.


This Open World game with a variety of cool and sophisticated weapons is an Open World game that can make your stress go away.

This game is a very Chaos game because its weapons are full of explosions. in gmae you can explore a vast island. You can also complete the main Quest which will tell you about the story of the game. Just Cause game has 3 sequels that you can try.


This game has a cool Cyber ​​theme, tells the story of your life as a Hacker. Cooperating with the Cyber ​​group you must complete the mission given. This game is also Open World so you can explore the virtual world.

With lots of cool parkour and amazing effects, this game also relies on Stealth skills. So you have to be quiet while conquering enemies and completing missions. This game is very good for those of you who like Stealth games. In fact, this game is also equipped with amazing visual effects for you to try.


No Man’s Sky is a really cool Exploration survival game. You can go to another planet and look for the mystery of that planet. You can build livable places and mine rocks on the planet. The game has a world that looks small when you first see it, but as you play you will realize that the world of the Open World game is actually very large.

In this game you can also meet aliens who will attack you or just want to trade with you. In this game there are still many mysteries that you can find. So if you like sandbox type games, this game is highly recommended.

That’s the recommendation of Open World games that you can try, Actually there are many more Open World games that you can try such as Minecraft or Terraria, but these games have more sand box game criteria. So this game can make you want to venture into the virtual world and look for the mysteries of the game. If you like the Open World games above, please try and have an adventure in the Virtual World.

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