10 Heroes That Are Suitable for Mobile Legends (ML) Golden Staff Items

This is a row of heroes using the Golden Staff Mobile Legends item. This game made by Moonton provides items that players can use in order to improve the hero’s abilities during the game. Currently there are about 53 items that are used in Mobile Legends.

Each of these items has different abilities and is adjusted based on their respective categories, Moonton as the developer divides these items into six different categories, there are attack, magical, defense, movement, roaming and jungle.

By dividing each item into this category, it is hoped that players can pair these items according to the type of each hero’s abilities. That way the game can be more effective and tactics to develop heroes can be more easily achieved.

Even so, among new players, it may be difficult to understand the ability of each item in Mobile Legends, which is forgotten when using a newly played hero. Although Mooton has also provided an item recommendation feature based on the items used by the global top.

However, due to the changing conditions of the game, each enemy leads us to use independently formulated items to deal with them, whether they occur in ranked or classic. What’s more, customizing items without having to rely on recommendations from top globals makes for a more challenging experience.

Now for those of you who are curious to find out more about items and heroes. In this article, Kabargokil has provided a row of heroes who use the Golden Stuff Mobile Legends item. By knowing this discussion, the insight to build items in a bath can be further developed.

List of Heroes Suitable for Using Golden Staff Mobile Legends Items

Golden Stuff is an item that is categorized as an attack item and is often referred to as an attack speed item in Mobile Legends, besides that this item is also priced at 2100 gold.

Golden Staff can give additional stats in the form of +65 Physical Attack and +30% Attack Speed. With 2 passives named Swift and Endless Strike. For passive Swift can increase Critical Chance, every 1 percent of Critical Chance obtained will be converted into Attack Speed ​​of 1 percent.

As for passive Endless Strike, it has the ability to increase normal basic attacks if 2 stacks are collected, the next basic attack will be active by 3-X. The point is that the hero’s basic attack will increase quickly and effectively.


Claude is a very active and agile food. Besides being very difficult to catch, Claude is also known to rely heavily on fast attacks when he has fangs. Equipped with skill 2 called Art of Thievery, this marksman hero can increase attack speed along with increasing movement.

Claude will be the biggest damage supplier in the team, his basic attack attack By using the Golden Staff, will increase his DPS achievement very high and maximize damage from other attack speed items.

This item can later provide a significant increase in attack based on the opponent’s HP achievement. This event allows Claude to easily kill the opponent’s hero during the late game with high HP.


Karrie is a food that relies heavily on attack speed in eliminating enemies. Karrie often plays a core role in the team. With a very high DPS achievement.

Karrie’s ultimate skill called Dual Light Wheel can issue fire wheels simultaneously making it easy to get damage per second very easily.

Based on this ability, Karrie would be very suitable to use the Golden Staff to increase her attack speed. Because this hero often accumulates balanced damage, rather than critical attacks.


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Wanwan is a marksman who really depends on the acceleration of his attacks. With a jumping attack style, Wanwan can get damage per second very quickly and easily.

Because this ability will be very suitable when combined with an attack acceleration item, one of which is the Golden Staff. So that Wanwan’s ability to shoot at enemies to immediately activate her ultimate can be faster.

When all of the opponent’s hero marks are destroyed Wanwan’s ultimate named Crossbow of Tang will be active, when the opponent is killed by this skill, he will attack the next target and continue like that and Wanwan will be immune from all attacks.


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Badang is a Fighter who relies heavily on Burst Damage and Charge in executing opponents. As a fighter with melee attacks, he relies on his attack speed to optimize his attack damage

Basic Attack Badang is very influential in terms of carrying out attacks. Skill Fist Crack and Qigong Fist, the Knockback effect of Basic Attack can be active from both skills

This ability can increase quickly when Badang uses the Golden Staff item so that the resulting DPS achievement will be higher. No wonder a player uses the Golden Staff as an item to accelerate Badang’s attacks.


Sun is a fighter hero who relies heavily on the speed of his attacks. Sun can also rely on the illusion ability of the shadows he casts so that the enemy can’t tell which Sun is the real one.

In addition, this fighter is very reliable to be able to push the turret quickly using the Golden Staff, of course, he can make every tactic of this hero work optimally.

Sun is also very feared in the late game phase, he can finish off enemy cores in just a few seconds and when the conditions and main items are finished he can even kill several enemies at once.


Next is Zilong, this fighter hero also relies heavily on attack speed to get high damage. As a fighter, Zilong relies on melee attacks to finish off the enemy.

By using items that can increase attack speed, the Golden Staff item is very suitable for this one fighter. That way every attack will be converted to increase Zilong’s attack speed.

In addition, Zilong is highly relied upon by the team as a push turret hero equipped with a high attack speed, he can destroy the turret easily and quickly. No wonder the Golder Staff is perfect for this fighter hero.


Miya Becomes the Top Tier Marksman in Mobile Legends

Miya is a marksman hero who also relies heavily on his attack speed with a combination of his first and ultimate skills, the speed will increase.

Reflecting on this ability, Golden Stuff is very suitable for use by this marksman. That way Miya’s performance in attack will increase, especially for her attack speed ability.

In addition, with a combination of demon hunters and Golden Stuff marksman, this one will have a basic attack that is able to penetrate enemy armor such as hero tanks quickly and easily.


Next is Masha, this fighter hero is very reliable as well as an offlaner and pusher turret in the team. As a fighter, Masha relies heavily on her fists to finish off opponents.

Knowing this ability, Masha can use the Golden Staff as the third or fourth item for her. By using this item, Masha’s attack speed, which is basically very high, can be maximized.

In addition, Masha’s agile ability can help her movement, whether it’s destroying a push or during a teamfight with the team. Please also note that this hero is highly recommended for push rank.


Next there is Moskov, this fierce-looking hero relies heavily on speed, especially when using his basic attack, besides that there is also his first skill that will also accelerate the attack several times.

With this combination it will make a lot of sense when we choose to use acceleration items like this Golden Stuff. That way the attack performance can be more effective and the DPS obtained will be higher.

However, most players will probably choose to use critical items compared to attack speed items when using this Moskov. Because critical build items can be much more dangerous than attack speed


Hero Layla's words

Finally, there is Layla, this marksman hero also relies heavily on the speed of his basic attack attacks using golden stuff items, his attack performance can increase more rapidly. As a marksman, of course, Layla plays a very important role in dealing the most damage to the team.

By increasing the attack speed, Layla can accumulate her damage to be much higher when using this item. You can use this item for the third or fourth item slot in combination with the demon hunter item, this item will have a very optimal effect.

Because Layla has no escape skills other than flicker, she will try hard to increase her attack damage so that the enemy can be defeated before the enemy approaches and finishes her. You can try to apply this item to Layla.

That’s the department of heroes who use Golden Stuff Mobile Legends, Hopefully this information can help you especially to understand the use of items for the appropriate type of hero. Thank you for listening. See you next discussion!

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