10 Heroes Feared by Offlaner Mobile Legends (ML) Users

This is the list of heroes that Mobile Legends offlaner users fear. Mobile Legends game is a game played by 5 users in 1 team. Each user has their own role and role. They will cooperate with each other to win the game.

Among the roles of each Mobile Legends user is divided into five parts including Midlaner users, Support/Tank users, Goldliner users, Juggler users and Offlaner.

The role in Mobile Legends will affect the team’s strategy to win together, so if there is one player who does not understand the role he is playing, the team will lose its cohesiveness and automatically victory will certainly be difficult to obtain.

Each user is of course free to choose their respective roles according to their capabilities. So in order to add about the role that will be played. This time we will give a row of 10 heroes that are feared by users offlaner.

For those who don’t understand, this User Offlaner is one of the roles in the Mobile Legends game that has the task of fighting alone in a line that doesn’t have a turtle.

An Offline has a very dangerous responsibility because he will fight alone in the line, he is required to always be strong even though he is alone in maintaining the line.

In addition, Offlaner users will usually use strong heroes to fight 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2 and will use heroes that do not require exp and items.

Offlaner will also not be allowed to die because if he dies, the turret will definitely be destroyed easily. Another task of the user offlaner is to profit from gangking in the midlaner if the conditions allow.

Offlaner also has a duty as a war initiator or battle opener because of his ability to support it. Now, if you understand, in order to add references, now we will go straight to the explanation, here is the hero that User Offlaner fears!

List of Heroes Feared by Offlaner Mobile Legends Users

The following is a list of the heroes that are most feared by Offlaner users in the Mobile Legends game!

Yu Zhong

ero Mobile Legends Most Meta MPLI 2021

Yi Zhong is a very strong hero fighter in the current meta. He can dominate the lane easily even from the beginning of the game, this is because the skill set is very supportive.

Yu Zhong can excel when fighting 1 vs 1 because this hero has a passive skill that can change the opponent’s blood into his own blood when fighting with enemies. So don’t be surprised if this hero is very feared by Offlaner Users.

Yu Zhong also has quite thick blood and defense considering he is a fighter hero, so his damage and data are quite solid and balanced. If you survive alone, it seems that players who use this one fighter hero will have no trouble, so players can be faster to destroy the turrets of their own enemies.

In addition, when war with Yu Zhong’s ultimate skill team will help when activated he will turn into a dragon and randomize the opposing team’s defense. After that, in his human form he can finish off with his combo skill and finish off his opponent at the same time.


Next there is Selena as a mage hero assassin, this is a hero who is also feared by offlaner users, this happens because Selena can kidnap and execute quickly and unexpectedly, including offline heroes.

Selena has a scary ability at the beginning of the match, this one hero is also often used as support and has the opportunity to dominate the midlaner quickly and unbeaten.

Selena’s annoying skill set is like skill 2 which can add catfish to the opponent and give slow effects and painful damage to make enemies who face them will be very troubled. Even so, Selena can’t just be used because this assassin is quite difficult to play.


Next is Karina, an assassin hero with very painful magical damage that is greatly feared by offlaner users. This happens because Karina has a very painful damage skill even at the beginning of the match, so every Karina user will maximize their potential at the beginning while for Offline heroes they usually don’t have enough defense at the beginning of the match.

Because of this, they will be very vulnerable to being kidnapped by this Karina hero, besides the high damage at the beginning, this hero also has high mobility and ultimate skills that can be revamped when he manages to finish off the enemy. With this ability, Because they are classified as assassins who are quite overpowered and feared by Offlaner users.


Next is Kagura, this one mage hero is also very feared by the offlaner users. As a mage Kagura has a fairly high damage at the beginning of the game so he will be very easy to gang up on the offlaner heroes and execute them.

Kagura also has an extraordinary skill set where this skill can be used to attack and escape and to break through the opponent’s defense, even the ultimate skill of the fig attack type so that Kagura has the opportunity to defeat 3 enemies at once.

This one hero has excellent mobility so that he can rotate easily on the other side of the lane, Kagura will target the offlaner which will be accompanied by other ganking heroes.


Next is Sun, this fighter hero is also included in the list of heroes feared by users offlaner. As a fighter Sun is a strong hero and has the opportunity to fight 2 to 3 at once.

This hero also has the ability to create a shadow where this shadow will be used to repay the opponent’s blood with this ability the enemy will be very confused to catch Sun. Sun’s skill set is also very solid and all of these skills can allow Sun to destroy the turret in a very short time.

In war Sun will be a very dangerous initiator, he will tear apart the opposing team’s formation very cruelly, especially when it is late game the damage produced by Sun and the shadow is very large and makes the enemy affected by his attack die instantly.


Next is the Jawhead hero fighter, this one is called a meta hero in the current season. This hero has a high enough durability so it is not surprising that this one hero will be very difficult to overthrow.

In addition, Jawhead is often positioned as a tank, because of his excellent defensive qualities. Besides that, Jawhead is very suitable for fighting offlaner heroes easily.

Jawhead’s skill set is also very great and is classified as being able to trouble his opponents, for example skill 2 to throw opponents and minions, with this skill Jawhead can pick up and then throw his enemy wherever he wants and the most feared of this skill is when Jawhead uses it to throw enemies towards turret or team.

Jawhead is also very reliable at the beginning of the match because he already has high enough damage to kill his opponents, besides that because his skills mostly have CC effects, Jawhead is very suitable to be a catcher hero and very suitable for killing offlaner heroes.

Jawhead has another advantage as a fighter. Jawhead is also very useful to be a war initiator because he has good CC skills.


Next is Grock, this tank hero who looks like a stone bull also turns out to be very feared by offlaner users. In addition to being a tank hero, Grock is also often used as support because of the ability of his skills. Grock has a passive skill that makes him get defense and blood as well as speed when he is around walls, besides that he also has CC skills in all his skill sets.

In addition, Grock’s hero also has very high magical damage at the beginning of the match with this ability he can make the opponent’s core poor because Grock can interfere with junglers from his opponents and of course because the damage is already very large at the beginning of the opponent’s hero it will be very difficult to serve him.

This hero will be very penetrated by the opponent’s offlaner, with high defense and great damage, even Grock is able to easily defeat the opponent in front of him.


Tips to Fight Esmeralda in Lane Mobile Legends (ML)

Next is the hero Esmeralda, a mage hero who has very high durability and is very much feared by Offlaners. In addition to being able to defeat 2 to 3 enemies because of her very strong resistance, Esmeralda is also very aggressive even at the beginning of the fight.

Esmeralda’s skill set allows her to turn enemy damage into a shield for herself so that Esmeralda’s HP bar will be very thick, besides the damage generated from skill 2 attacks is large enough to overthrow the opponent.

And what is extraordinary about this one mage hero is skill 1 and also his ultimate where Esmeralda’s 1st skill can increase his mobility faster and his ultimate skill which has an attack with a far enough range that can destroy enemies simultaneously.


Next is Granger, even though he has been nerfed by Moonton, this marksman hero is still a threat to offline users at this time. Granger’s durability, mobility, and damage abilities are very high. Granger’s skill set is also very solid and balanced against his opponents even though a Granger markman is a fairly independent hero when farming, rotating and gangking.

Granger’s first skill has a relatively short cooldown time so it will be very easy for him to spam skills continuously, by adding deadly bullet eman along with the last bullet that has the highest damage it will be very easy for Granger to execute his enemies.

In addition, the ultimate skill that can shoot from a distance and has the highest damage can help Granger to attack from a position that will be very difficult to reach by his opposing team. Skill 2 can also speed up Granger’s movement and allow him to move places quickly.


Next is Karrie, this marksman hero means heroes who have very thick blood in mobile legends, including offlaner heroes who are known to be strong and thick.

With his passive skill that makes Karrie have very high true damage and can penetrate all armor even though using any item, this marksman hero is very feared by offline people.

When Karrie is Karrie’s three main items so she can do gangking with her friends to do war, and if it’s late game time then it’s very difficult to hold this one hero and approach her with all of these abilities this hero can adapt from the beginning to the end of the battle automatically. optimal.

That’s about the line of heroes that the Mobile Legends user offlaner fears. Hopefully by knowing this, it is hoped that offlaner users can be more careful and prepare the best strategy when facing the 10 heroes mentioned above. Thank you for listening, see you in the next article!

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