10 Coolest FF Facepaints on Free Fire

So now you can know the 10 Coolest FF Facepaints on Free Fire, this is one of the things that is quite interesting for you to know.

Because later maybe you also want to have one, the skin so that it can look cool again when competing against enemies later as well.

Because for now, there are many Skins that are present on Facepaint and of course you can use all of them.

Moreover, for the appearance of the given skin, it is indeed very interesting and can be used as best as possible for you to try.

For now, you should know the Facepaint Box in Free Fire, which provides lots of cool facial skins to use.

Of course, things like this really make us all lucky, so we can use all the cool Face paints. Besides that, you can also use the cool name FF you know

Moreover, to find out the 10 Coolest FF Facepaints on Free Fire, these guys will have cool faces to use when competing.

Coolest FF Facepaint on Free Fire


For the first one, Facepaint with the name Evil, became one of the free gifts at the time of the event for all of these players.

Of course, from Facepaint like that we can see that the appearance, simply changes the eye color and there is an additional scary too.

Because the Skin Facepaint can be seen clearly, if indeed it shows a scary face for us to get.

No wonder when it was free at that time, it made us all want to have it because things like this are the cause.

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Then you can see a special Facepaint called Dragon, the appearance of this facial skin is quite good and of course interesting for you to try.

Not only that, because the appearance of this Dragon is also clearly visible on the left side of the given Facepaint later.

If you want to look cooler when you compete later, then this Skin can of course be used for that too.

That way maybe there will be some cool looks that you can receive from Facepaint like that for now.


A soldier who has been well trained in Camouflage missions, really won’t be afraid if his face has to be colored the same as the environment.

Now this also applies to the existing Facepaint Camouflage Skin, because from the appearance it is quite clear that it is unique.

Moreover, by using Skin like this, you will also find it easier to avoid enemies who are neglecting their views.

Because Facepaint and Bundle or use one that blends with nature, of course it can also have an effect in conditions like this.

The Clown

When the soul that has been lost finally returns, but it turns out that he has turned into a clown who is cruel and very feared now.

Well, it might match Facepaint The Clown in Free Fire, because this skin is already in the cool enough type for you to use later.

Especially from a scary facepaint like this, maybe many will like to get it right now in the game later.

Coolest FF Facepaint on Free Fire Eagle

If you are a strong person and become like an eagle, then you must have this cool and pretty cool Eagle Facepaint.

Where on your left cheek there is an eagle tattoo, but not a kind and gentle eagle huh.

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However, this appearance is very similar to a Pet named Falco, without any mercy and has a very high spirit.

Make this Pet strong and no one can beat it, just like those of you who have the Facepaint.

Coolest FF Facepaint on Free Fire Merciless Necromancer

This is a Facepaint Legend from one of the newest Bundles, where the name of the Bundle is Merciless Necromancer for you to have later.

It will soon be presented on the Indonesian server as well, so of course you have to wait for it because this is a very good facepaint skin.

The thing is, if you look at the appearance given to the new Facepaint, it does look quite interesting because there are scratches on the facepaint’s left eye.

Even the color of the Left Eye part is Red and Right is Blue.

Frost Sabertooth

Being one of the Facepaints present at Rampage New Dawn, of course it’s natural to be included in a very cool list right now.

Where Frost Sabertooth itself, has a cool appearance and has red eyes like the bundle of ancient tigers.

Facepaint’s appearance is cool like this, we really can’t miss it and maybe it’s very scary and you must have it if for example it comes back.

It’s because Facepaint like this is the most sought after by many players, not from the makeup but on the facepaint’s eyes as well.

Where in this section too, if the eyes are red, the player must not miss it later.

Cursed Magician

Being a magician who is reliable and can play any trick, of course, cannot make us free from the curse of the universe or darkness.

Where it is proven on Skin Facepaint that it has made us see the name of a magician who turns out to be subject to a very strong curse.

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Even though his name is Cursed Magician or Magician who has been hit or cursed, but this appearance is very cool to use later.

Of course, Cursed Magician is quite interesting and you have to get it when you are present on the Indonesian server, right?

Prince Afterdark

Then there is another Facepaint called Prince Afterdark, if in this appearance it looks cool and fits you very well later.

The thing is from Prince Afterdark itself, you could say it’s quite interesting in terms of skin appearance which is very interesting for you to try later.

On Prince’s skin like that too, it looks like an author who is having problems with darkness in his kingdom.

Where the face that turns white, then in the left eye there will be no more clean eyes because it has become a fiery red eye that has no happiness at all.

Coolest FF Facepaint on Free Fire Demented Maniac

In the past, this bundle was presented with a Facepaint Skin called Demented Maniac as well.

Of course from the name it is very clear, if this is the face of the maniacs who always make trouble in the crowd.

Not only that, this facepaint is quite scary from the black and white colors that turn out to be together.

As well as glowing eyes that completely change the appearance of the character who uses it.

After knowing the 10 Coolest FF Facepaints on Free Fire, then you guys can play it and of course the Skin is very cool.

Especially now that Facepaint is already present as makeup in the Free Fire game, you should be able to get it to make the character cool.

Not only that, you also have to know how to get Magic Cube Free Fire easily and of course it’s free to use.

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