10 Best Offline Strategy Games on Android (Update 2021)

The Android strategy game is one of the genres that is quite in demand by most gamers in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia. Because to play this genre players have to use their brains and think hard to solve game challenges.

Meanwhile, most strategy games on Android can only be played online, where you will meet or fight other players by pitting the best strategy. Of course this is a drawback for players who do not have internet data because they cannot play the game continuously.

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But don’t worry, there are still some offline android games with a strategy genre that is no less interesting than the online version that you can play whenever and wherever you are.

The android games that we will recommend are light and entertaining enough to get rid of boredom. If you’re curious, just scroll down to see the Android strategy games that we’ve listed below.

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Size: 83 MB
  • Download: 500,000+
  • Publisher: Skizze Games

The first offline strategy game recommendation on Android is Throne Offline. In this game you will face the notorious gang of evil.

Although equipped with a strong wall defense, the evil group managed to destroy it easily. They walk towards you and want to conquer villages and cities to conquer THRONE.

Apart from that, this tactical game has quite an interesting defensive element with towers and collectible cards based on the comics. If you like the real-time strategy genre, then you must try to play this Throne Offline.

2. Sci-Fi Tower Defense. TD Modules

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Size: 75 MB
  • Download: 500,000+
  • Publisher: Gyro-Games

Sci Fi Tower Defense is a free strategy android game that can be played offline. This game has a unique and epic defense element with a tower strategy from a variety of different towers.

In this game you have to defend your territory from enemy attacks. Interestingly, later the tower can be adapted to 5 basic elements from more than 31 other elements.

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Let’s play Sci Fi Tower Defense now and enjoy the most challenging game among other tower defense games. With an unrivaled level of depth.

  • Genre: Action, Strategy
  • Size: 71 MB
  • Download: 1,000,000+
  • Publisher: Campero Games

Next is the Skull Tower game which is one of the best offline games on Android. This game takes the concept of a new tower defense with a fantasy kingdom and other royal elements.

You can build your dream empire to defend yourself against groups of enemies, hordes of monsters, and strategize battles.

Not only that, in this game you can also make bows and arrows for war strategies, build towers to defend castles, and much more. Come download Skull Towers and start an epic fight.

  • Genre: Strategy, RPG
  • Size: 282 MB
  • Download: 500,000+
  • Publisher: HeroCraft Ltd.

This game is also no less exciting, you guys. Strategy of Discord – Turn Based RPG will take you to a fantasy world and enjoy the sensation of 3D-based strategy.

You can form a party of heroes to conquer the land of darkness, complete quests, and fight dozens of legionary monsters.

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Build unique character strengths in turn-based RPG games and bring the fire of war to enemy legions and enjoy all the in-game features such as PvP strategy battles, take on a number of exciting missions, and much more.

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Size: 98 MB
  • Download: 10,000,000+
  • Publisher: Melsoft Games Ltd

Toy Defense 2 is a tower defense strategy game. You have a Base that needs to be defended against enemy attacks. You can deploy troops to defend your Base only at certain points on the battlefield.

To deploy a squad, click on your squad and drag the required squad icon to the point of attack on the map. Interestingly, in this game Archers and Flamethrowers can occupy every point of attack, while for other troops it can only be at a certain point of attack.

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In addition, the features offered by the game are also quite interesting, such as PvE missions, tournaments, PvP, vehicles, and many more.

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Size: 104 MB
  • Download: 1,000,000+
  • Publisher: JOYNOWSTUDIO

For those of you who like war games, this time there is a strategy game for Android that can be played offline entitled World War 2: WW2 Strategy Games.

The game takes place in 1941 when the German army invaded the Soviet Union. You will face tasks and challenges from different camps and battlefields at different times.

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You can also choose between two countries, namely Germany to the east or joining the Soviet Union to defend their homeland. Use your best strategy and win this fierce battle.

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Size: 103 MB
  • Download: 1,000,000+
  • Publisher: EasyTech

If above there is a war game between countries, in the order of Android game recommendations, this time there is a strategy game called Great Conqueror Rome – Civilization Strategy Game.

This game starts with the rise of roman and many powerful countries around it that will fight against you for supremacy. War is near!

Rome needs everyone’s strength, including great commanders like Caesar, Antony, Pompey, Spartacus, and Octavian who will fight against you.

Meanwhile there are several modes that you can play such as Campaign Mode, Conquest Mode, and Expedition Mode. For gameplay problems, we think you will not be disappointed.

  • Genre: Survival, Strategy
  • Size: 49 MB
  • Download: 5,000,000+
  • Publisher: Gameloft SE

Zombie Anarchy is actually an android horror game, but to play this game players need a good strategy to fight for life in the World Hell.

You will fight desperately to survive between life and death to find the last human on Earth who will later be trained in the art of survival while battling vicious zombies.

Meanwhile, you can also build strong defenses to protect the camp from looting soldiers. And this game can also be played online, you know.

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  • Genre: Strategy
  • Size: 59 MB
  • Download: 10,000,000+
  • Publisher: Play365

Game of Warriors is one of the Strategy Tower Defense games with a unique style in its genre. Because the game is set in the wizarding world, so you have to raise your defenses and a formidable army to survive and besiege enemy territory to conquer the enemy.

The alliance between the evil kingdoms has pushed the remnants of human civilization to the corners of the world, isolated and simply forgotten, plus falling into misery and trying to survive hard.

As a player, you must prepare the horses and bring all the soldiers to do battle. Let’s play Game of Warrior to end the heyday of the dark kingdom.

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Size: 93 MB
  • Download: 1,000,000+
  • Publisher: Pilav Prodüksiyon

I don’t feel like I have entered the last recommendation in the best offline android strategy game. Age of Ottoman will take you back to the bloody history between Byzantium and Turkey.

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In this game you will witness epic battles by commanding Turkish or Byzantine soldiers. During the battle, you will get income which can later be used to upgrade troops.

You can also play the Ottoman or Byzantine campaign mode in a single-player scenario or the PvP mode played online.

For those of you who are curious about the gameplay, please watch the trailer above and if you are interested in playing it, please download it directly via Google PlayStore or via the link we have included in the game title.

That’s the list of recommendations for the best offline strategy games for Android in 2021. Of all the games mentioned above, which game do you think is the best? Share your opinion through the comments.

Wait for the next android game recommendation article from us. Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts to get the latest information about games.

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