10 Beautiful and Cute Mobile Legends (ML) Cosplays, Make Your Eyes Fresh!

If Cosplay is mostly taken from anime, but this time there are a number of photos of Mobile Legends cosplayers, you know.

Before continuing, do you know what cosplay is?

Cosplay is an abbreviation of Costum Play, originating from western culture that entered Japan. Where when someone wears a costume like the character they like.

Of course it’s not easy for him, because usually cosplayers have to make representations that match the image to imitate the character.

Okay, back to the discussion, if previously there were only a few ML cosplay photos like Layla and Miya. Now there are many pictures of Mobile Legends cosplay spread on the internet.

For those of you who can’t wait to see how beautiful and cute ML cosplayers are, let’s just take a look below.

1. Cosplay Freya

Cosplayer by Kameaam

Freya is one of the fighter heroes with deadly skills. However, what if Freya was in the real world? Well above is Freya’s cosplay performed by Kameaam.

2. Cosplay Angela

Cosplayer by JeslynChrestella

This beautiful and funny support hero overwhelms the enemy. How not, the ultimate really helps teammates by providing a shield and can cause a slow effect to the enemy in front of him. Now Angela is present in the real world.

3. Cosplay Chang’e

cosplay ml chang'e
Cosplayer by Alexander Bella

Although he was often forgotten in the past, after getting revamped by Moonton, Chang’e became a bone of contention for user mages. Because the skills have great damage, although it is quite difficult to direct the ultimate. But if you are used to using this hero, then the problem will disappear. Well, this time, Chang’e looked beautiful because it was performed by cosplayer Alexander Bella.

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4. Cosplay Eudora

cosplay ml eudora
Cosplayer by Kinafocs

Hiding, suddenly surprised by a stun and then issuing the ultimate, after dying and then being left alone. Yes, she is Eudora.

5. Cosplay Hanabi

cosplay ml hanabi
Cosplayer by Alexander_Bella

This beautiful female ninja is ready to use Higanbana to lock you up. He is the type of hero who tends to be protected, if he has entered the lategame, the damage will be very large.

6. Cosplay Kadita

cosplay ml kadita
Cosplayer by Kameaam

Kadita is one of the heroes adapted from mythology. This hero mage has crowd control ability and his ultimate has high damage. So you can see, Kadita’s cosplay is very beautiful, right? Be careful not to fail to focus, haha.

7. Cosplay Kagura

cosplay ml kagura
Cosplayer by aimelody27

Beautiful like an angel, that’s the face that is owned by Kagura. Even though his main weapon is just an umbrella. However, don’t underestimate it, especially since he’s very agile and hard to catch. So it’s only natural, because this hero is quite difficult to use.

8. Cosplay Layla

cosplay ml layla
Cosplayer: Clarissa Punipun

Although it is often called a tutorial hero, Layla becomes deadly if the gear item is complete. Especially when entering the lategame. Yes, although the lack of this hero is very prominent, especially for its movement which is rather slow and does not have an escape mechanism skill. Makes Layla less attractive, especially in the upper tier.

9. Cosplay Odette

odette cosplay
Cosplayer: Larissarochefort

Beautiful is beautiful, but if this hero is on the side of the enemy, it’s annoying too. Especially if you’re having a fun teamfight, then Odette and Johnson come, so you just have to choose to surrender to death or try to run away. Even though Odette already has a lover, Lancelot, in the photo she is alone, guys.

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10. Cosplay Ruby

cosplay ml ruby
Cosplayer: Pripitaloka

This beautiful lady can not only attract your heart, but can also pull you into the turret. Because of his love, you are not let go by his skills.

Those are some Cosplay Mobile Legends that we can share. What do you think, are they all beautiful? And who is your favorite cosplayer above. Write in the comments.

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