1.3 Million Free Fire (FF) Accounts Banned in July 2021!

1.3 Million Free Fire (FF) Accounts Banned in July 2021!

In mid-July 2021, the Anti-Cheat Free Fire (FF) system has permanently banned 1,348,488 FF cheater accounts.

The reason is, these accounts have been caught using cheating programs to give themselves an unfair advantage.

55.8% of these permanently banned accounts came from reports of suspicious players.

Below is the percentage of cheat modifications used:

free fire account banned july 2021
Source: Garena

Percentage of cheat types used by FF players in May (Source: Garena)

  • 78.3% Auto-Aim (Headshot)
  • 2.6% other cheats of unknown type.

Players caught intentionally playing with cheaters will also receive a reduction in rank to Bronze I from Free Fire’s anti-cheat system.

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Garena also reminded players not to use third-party applications when running Free Fire.

“We also hope and want to remind all Survivors not to log into Free Fire using unlicensed applications and not to take advantage of bugs in the In-game.”

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That’s all you need to know about the 1.3 million Free Fire (FF) accounts that were banned in July 2021.

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